No Surgery Despite Having the Gallbladder of a 40-Year Old.

Yep. That’s what my surgeon said. “You have the gallbladder of a 40 year old.”

I have been sick off and on since…well, really since March of 2016. I have been taking various types of medications to control acid, losing weight, and have been managing my diet. I still have all these health problems.

So, my doctor decided to order an ultrasound to check my gallbladder and come to find out it is totally out of commission because it is so stuffed with stones. It does not function at all.  Despite this, the surgeon I spoke with said that since we are unsure about whether it is acid or gallstone attacks that are making me feel sick, we shouldn’t rush into surgery.

Now, I get not wanting to promote unnecessary surgery but I am incredibly frustrated. My symptoms impact everything I do. They control how I sleep, how I eat, what I wear, how I sit, etc. The endoscopy I had last summer did not show signs of damage from acid. The surgeon I spoke with yesterday told me that the human body gets confused and sometimes interprets gallstone pain as acid reflux. I feel like all signs are pointing towards my gallbladder but until the surgeon is convinced that this surgery is necessary, my insurance will not cover it.

I met with a dietitian after this consultation to discuss my health and diet. She said that my diet is already low-fat and there was no way she could suggest to improve it. She also told me that I was already at a healthy weight and that I should not be so focused on losing more. Instead just continue focusing on eating healthy foods and exercising like I have. This is amazing to hear. I feel that I have a very skewed sense of self. I think i’m heavier than I actually am. I think I eat more horribly than I actually do. Not to mention the yo-yo action with my added sugar intake. She urged me to not be so hard on myself. This makes me a bit emotional. I am so hard on myself, its ridiculous. For instance, I thought I was total shit this past school quarter. I just got my grades today and all A’s. I wish that I wasn’t so negative about myself but it is a difficult habit to overcome.

Considering what my dietitian has said, I am going to alter the way I post my “weekly diary” on here. I am not sure how, but perhaps only focus on weigh-ins weekly rather than daily. Do measurements every two weeks, and have more emphasis on my macros rather than calories.

Speaking of calories, mine have been upped! She gave me the go to eat up to 2,100! This makes me so happy! I feel like I have been starving with all this exercising I have been doing these past three weeks. Every time I bumped up over 1,600 I would get so down on myself. Now I have all these extra calories and I feel so much better towards the end of the day.

Anyways, I have another appointment coming up at the end of July to see my gastroenterologist. Perhaps towards the end of summer I will have more answers about what is causing my health issues.  All I can do is what I have been doing. Continuing the medication, continuing to eat like I am and exercising like I do. Manage my stress and record when I have am having pain.

Until Next Time,



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