Weekly Diary

Alright, this week I started to get back into the habit of plugging all my information into Excel. I’m glad I did this because it is very helpful for me to have all this information in one place rather than scattered in various apps on my phone. It also gives me a clearer picture of what is going on with me. For instance, when I start getting moods swings, feel more hungry, or just overall in a grumpy mood. I just think i’m in a bad mood but looking at my graph I see that as the week has gone on my sugar consumption has gone up. When i’m eating tons of sugar I tend to get antsy. It seems like this would be something obvious for someone to known about themselves. For me though, when i’m grumpy I don’t consider how much sugar I’ve eaten, I’m just laser focused on everything being wrong.

I am feeling motivated for this upcoming week though so onward to the stats!


activity 6.5.17

Yes! My activity levels are up! I feel so much better when my body is moving. I am also finding it very helpful to schedule my workouts for the day weeks in advance. I wake up, look at my planner, and know what needs to be done at a minimum for the day. With the added strength workouts, my muscles are so sore! It is a good sore though. I think I see a difference in my arms and legs but i’m probably biased. Since I hit my active calorie goal this entire past week I upped it by 10. So 380 calories extra burned through exercise is my goal this week.

Calorie Intake 6.5.17

Eh, this is not too bad I think. Wednesday I ate an entire tub of sugar-free cool whip. Yeah. Not proud of it. My dietitian told me to stay under 1,600 calories for weight loss. With the additional exercise I feel so hungry though. I do have an upcoming appointment with her though so I can ask all the questions I want about this. This past week I actually had a plan with my meals which was helpful. This upcoming week…didn’t even have a grocery list but I’m going to just follow what I did last week as far as structuring meals.

exercise 6.5.17

I love walking, I love Pilates, I love yoga. I don’t care for cycling too much since sitting on the bike seat hurts my butt. I also love dancing! Yesterday I danced for over an hour and by the end of it my watch recorded over 30 minutes of vigorous activity and I was pouring with sweat. It was the best exercise! Other exercise related news, the yoga app [Yoga Studio] I was using decided overnight to change their model to a subscription structure. Well, all the content I had paid for back when it was a straight pay for it you get it app was wiped from my phone and now they are trying to charge their users who had previously paid for the app, and the extra classes all over again! Monthly! So disappointing. I really liked this app but I am amazed by the sleaziness of it all. So, I am looking for another app or perhaps, just look into making my own yoga workouts. My iPad doesn’t automatically update, so these changes in the app haven’t been implemented on my downloads there, thank goodness. It was nice to just have it all on my phone though. Oh well.

fiber 6.5.17sugar 6.5.17water 6.5.17

Fiber and water are an A+ this week. My sugar though. Yikes. Cutting added sugar is so difficult. It makes my head hurt, my hands shake. I’m snappy. I crave crazy foods. Needs to be done though. I’m such a miserable person when i’m eating it! At least I was very active throughout the end of the week to counteract some of the negative effects of sugar consumption. All I can do now is just be more mindful this week.

weight 6.5.17

I am so focused on weight it’s almost becoming unhealthy. I was so upset over the numbers moving up however the numbers have not moved up that much in reality. I decided my means of determining my health is not as multi dimensional as it should be.  The numbers are going up but my pants are loose. They are going up but my thighs and arms jiggle less. I don’t think I should be focusing on weight as much as I do. I decided that I will get a tape measure to measure my body as well. So if my weight goes up but inches are lost this will keep me from becoming frustrated.

Until next time.



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