Week One Exercise Plan Completed

Since I have been rather successful in keeping up with school after learning how to use a planner to keep myself from falling behind on assignments, I figured this could be applied to work out sessions as well. Today marks week one in which I decided to implement a workout schedule for myself. I completed every workout I scheduled for myself this week and I feel a difference.

The scale has not moved at all but my apple watch goals have been very happy! My arms, obliques, and legs are sore from the strength workouts I have included in my routine. I’m tired, more hungry, and sore but I feel this is a good thing. My goals for the “cardio” aspect of my routines are minimums only and all days except one I exceeded my goal. Everyday it’s my goal to complete at least 15 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of yoga. Four days out of the week I have strength workouts scheduled to target specific areas of my body.

Fridays are total body workouts, Sundays are dedicated to arms, Tuesdays I focus on back, butt, and legs, and Wednesdays are for abs and obliques. As working out becomes more of a habit, I may switch these up a little bit depending on the workout video I do but for now, I’m sticking with this.



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