Weekly Check-In

I met with a dietitian last week and learned quite a few things to help me manage my diet and weight. The first thing was the range of grams for each macro I may consume to ensure a balanced diet. The second thing was that the weight I am is healthy considering my gender, height, frame, and ethnicity. So that if I wish to maintain I can eat up to 500 calories more, depending on my activity levels. The third was that sugar is sugar, so my obsession with “added sugars” is one that is unnecessary.  The way she explained it to me was that half a banana is healthier than a tablespoon of magic shell because of the fiber and nutrients, etc. When it’s digested though, there is no difference between the sugar in the banana and the magic shell. It is better to focus on the big picture rather and eat a balance of carbs, protein, and fat. If some days I choose to eat something sugary, that’s okay. Everything in moderation and make sure I get fats and protein in during the day.

So this advice and my decision to start exercising everyday has changed the way I think about my health and my body. I’m also trying to change the way I think in monitoring “health & fitness”.

6.19 Weight

I decided that a daily weigh-in may be too much. Sometimes my weigh in will set the tone for the entire day. So if i’m menstruating, or had a lot of sodium the previous day…I tend to get very hung up on the scale. I decided to weigh myself five times a month rather and than take the average of those numbers to get the figures in the graph above. This helps me look at the “bigger picture” rather than obsessing day-to-day. I had this number in my head (136) that I wanted to be at. I know it’s possible, however I don’t think being at that number is a priority for myself anymore. My other priorities now are just eating healthy and exercising everyday.

CICO 6.19

Calories in versus calories out is something I am still going to keep track of everyday. I am one of those people who either binge or forget to eat all together. Since getting a handle of my digestion problems, the urge to binge is high. Pulling back into this “big picture” state of mind I have decided that the most effective way of monitoring my energy intake and output is by using MyFitnessPal to continue  tracking my calories (along with my macros) and my Activity app on my Apple Watch to record ow much energy I have spent through the day. The graph above was from this past week. I have allowed myself to eat more than I usually do and I have felt so much better. There are a few days when I have eaten more than I needed to though. I plan on being more mindful this week.



These measurements are very rough since I suck at trying to measure these things myself. Plus my tape measure I purchased only goes up to 36” and parts of my body have a wider circumference than that. What made me decide to take these measurements was that my weight had gone up despite my increased activity and keeping my caloric intake low and this made me very upset. Then I became frustrated one day because my pants were falling and got a belt from the closet which is almost too big. So even though I had gained weight, my hips and waist had become smaller. This is rather exciting but i’m feeling sort of mind fucked a bit. I have been focused on weight being the ultimate way of determining my health and…it is not. So this makes me feel uncertain of my progress since going up in weight may not be indicative of fat gain. I’m hoping keeping track of my body measurements will help alleviate this uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty.

-Until Next Time,


No Surgery Despite Having the Gallbladder of a 40-Year Old.

Yep. That’s what my surgeon said. “You have the gallbladder of a 40 year old.”

I have been sick off and on since…well, really since March of 2016. I have been taking various types of medications to control acid, losing weight, and have been managing my diet. I still have all these health problems.

So, my doctor decided to order an ultrasound to check my gallbladder and come to find out it is totally out of commission because it is so stuffed with stones. It does not function at all.  Despite this, the surgeon I spoke with said that since we are unsure about whether it is acid or gallstone attacks that are making me feel sick, we shouldn’t rush into surgery.

Now, I get not wanting to promote unnecessary surgery but I am incredibly frustrated. My symptoms impact everything I do. They control how I sleep, how I eat, what I wear, how I sit, etc. The endoscopy I had last summer did not show signs of damage from acid. The surgeon I spoke with yesterday told me that the human body gets confused and sometimes interprets gallstone pain as acid reflux. I feel like all signs are pointing towards my gallbladder but until the surgeon is convinced that this surgery is necessary, my insurance will not cover it.

I met with a dietitian after this consultation to discuss my health and diet. She said that my diet is already low-fat and there was no way she could suggest to improve it. She also told me that I was already at a healthy weight and that I should not be so focused on losing more. Instead just continue focusing on eating healthy foods and exercising like I have. This is amazing to hear. I feel that I have a very skewed sense of self. I think i’m heavier than I actually am. I think I eat more horribly than I actually do. Not to mention the yo-yo action with my added sugar intake. She urged me to not be so hard on myself. This makes me a bit emotional. I am so hard on myself, its ridiculous. For instance, I thought I was total shit this past school quarter. I just got my grades today and all A’s. I wish that I wasn’t so negative about myself but it is a difficult habit to overcome.

Considering what my dietitian has said, I am going to alter the way I post my “weekly diary” on here. I am not sure how, but perhaps only focus on weigh-ins weekly rather than daily. Do measurements every two weeks, and have more emphasis on my macros rather than calories.

Speaking of calories, mine have been upped! She gave me the go to eat up to 2,100! This makes me so happy! I feel like I have been starving with all this exercising I have been doing these past three weeks. Every time I bumped up over 1,600 I would get so down on myself. Now I have all these extra calories and I feel so much better towards the end of the day.

Anyways, I have another appointment coming up at the end of July to see my gastroenterologist. Perhaps towards the end of summer I will have more answers about what is causing my health issues.  All I can do is what I have been doing. Continuing the medication, continuing to eat like I am and exercising like I do. Manage my stress and record when I have am having pain.

Until Next Time,


Weekly Diary

Alright, this week I started to get back into the habit of plugging all my information into Excel. I’m glad I did this because it is very helpful for me to have all this information in one place rather than scattered in various apps on my phone. It also gives me a clearer picture of what is going on with me. For instance, when I start getting moods swings, feel more hungry, or just overall in a grumpy mood. I just think i’m in a bad mood but looking at my graph I see that as the week has gone on my sugar consumption has gone up. When i’m eating tons of sugar I tend to get antsy. It seems like this would be something obvious for someone to known about themselves. For me though, when i’m grumpy I don’t consider how much sugar I’ve eaten, I’m just laser focused on everything being wrong.

I am feeling motivated for this upcoming week though so onward to the stats!


activity 6.5.17

Yes! My activity levels are up! I feel so much better when my body is moving. I am also finding it very helpful to schedule my workouts for the day weeks in advance. I wake up, look at my planner, and know what needs to be done at a minimum for the day. With the added strength workouts, my muscles are so sore! It is a good sore though. I think I see a difference in my arms and legs but i’m probably biased. Since I hit my active calorie goal this entire past week I upped it by 10. So 380 calories extra burned through exercise is my goal this week.

Calorie Intake 6.5.17

Eh, this is not too bad I think. Wednesday I ate an entire tub of sugar-free cool whip. Yeah. Not proud of it. My dietitian told me to stay under 1,600 calories for weight loss. With the additional exercise I feel so hungry though. I do have an upcoming appointment with her though so I can ask all the questions I want about this. This past week I actually had a plan with my meals which was helpful. This upcoming week…didn’t even have a grocery list but I’m going to just follow what I did last week as far as structuring meals.

exercise 6.5.17

I love walking, I love Pilates, I love yoga. I don’t care for cycling too much since sitting on the bike seat hurts my butt. I also love dancing! Yesterday I danced for over an hour and by the end of it my watch recorded over 30 minutes of vigorous activity and I was pouring with sweat. It was the best exercise! Other exercise related news, the yoga app [Yoga Studio] I was using decided overnight to change their model to a subscription structure. Well, all the content I had paid for back when it was a straight pay for it you get it app was wiped from my phone and now they are trying to charge their users who had previously paid for the app, and the extra classes all over again! Monthly! So disappointing. I really liked this app but I am amazed by the sleaziness of it all. So, I am looking for another app or perhaps, just look into making my own yoga workouts. My iPad doesn’t automatically update, so these changes in the app haven’t been implemented on my downloads there, thank goodness. It was nice to just have it all on my phone though. Oh well.

fiber 6.5.17sugar 6.5.17water 6.5.17

Fiber and water are an A+ this week. My sugar though. Yikes. Cutting added sugar is so difficult. It makes my head hurt, my hands shake. I’m snappy. I crave crazy foods. Needs to be done though. I’m such a miserable person when i’m eating it! At least I was very active throughout the end of the week to counteract some of the negative effects of sugar consumption. All I can do now is just be more mindful this week.

weight 6.5.17

I am so focused on weight it’s almost becoming unhealthy. I was so upset over the numbers moving up however the numbers have not moved up that much in reality. I decided my means of determining my health is not as multi dimensional as it should be.  The numbers are going up but my pants are loose. They are going up but my thighs and arms jiggle less. I don’t think I should be focusing on weight as much as I do. I decided that I will get a tape measure to measure my body as well. So if my weight goes up but inches are lost this will keep me from becoming frustrated.

Until next time.


Week One Exercise Plan Completed

Since I have been rather successful in keeping up with school after learning how to use a planner to keep myself from falling behind on assignments, I figured this could be applied to work out sessions as well. Today marks week one in which I decided to implement a workout schedule for myself. I completed every workout I scheduled for myself this week and I feel a difference.

The scale has not moved at all but my apple watch goals have been very happy! My arms, obliques, and legs are sore from the strength workouts I have included in my routine. I’m tired, more hungry, and sore but I feel this is a good thing. My goals for the “cardio” aspect of my routines are minimums only and all days except one I exceeded my goal. Everyday it’s my goal to complete at least 15 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of yoga. Four days out of the week I have strength workouts scheduled to target specific areas of my body.

Fridays are total body workouts, Sundays are dedicated to arms, Tuesdays I focus on back, butt, and legs, and Wednesdays are for abs and obliques. As working out becomes more of a habit, I may switch these up a little bit depending on the workout video I do but for now, I’m sticking with this.