Weight Loss and Illness

So, I am at my lowest weight. I am not very excited about it though. This is because it came about with me becoming terribly ill. I am still sick with the same thing from last week. It makes me wonder if and when I get healthy again, will all this weight come back on? I am not too sure. I remember last time I became sick, I lost weight and did not gain it back. We’ll see. My illness has given me more incentive to follow a strict diet void of sugar, fats, and processed foods. I just need to get my stress levels down which is difficult to do. School, potential volunteer opportunity, work, moving, internship starting in May, and i’m still feeling sad about cutting off contact with abusive family members, all of this is swirling in my brain and it’s difficult not to feel stressed out.

My illness has also made it difficult to exercise, which was a major stress reliever for me. The pills have caused me to eat way less than usual and since I am not digesting all my food properly I feel tired and foggy a lot of the time. This makes me feel less confidant in the things I am doing throughout the day. I am hoping to get some more answers from my Dr. next week. I just want this to be over with.

Here is last week’s stats:

4.25 active

still light on activity. Sunday, I made an effort to spend half an hour on wii fit doing light aerobics to help alleviate constipation I have been having as a result of my medication. Monday Paul and I took a trip to our local zoo and spent a couple hours there. The zoo was very helpful, not only in giving me physical exercise, but in preoccupying my mind and helping me feel less stress. Not a one negative thought entered my brain.

4.25 cal

My goal is to get at least 1,300 calories in a day. Most of these days were not too bad. Three of the seven I met this goal with one day a little below. With GERD not eating can be as bad as eating too much so I am trying to find ways to eat small meals with healthy foods while excluding high fat and sugar options, and getting enough calories before 6:30 pm. I have been relying a lot on animal meats to help me feel full. It is sort of a double edged blade though. The protein is good for my body, especially since I am not being very active and needing to heal, it is also nutrient and more calorically dense than veggies and makes me feel full, however it also slows down the digestion process , preventing the stomach from emptying quickly which can cause reflux. Same with Oatmeal with its high fiber content however I need high fiber to help keep my bowels healthy at this point. Hopefully a dietitian will be able to clear a lot of these questions for me up about what I should and should not be eating.

4.25 exercise

very little exercise. I haven’t felt the urge to exercise too much but I know I should to help keep things healthy and moving. Exercise is also helpful in managing GERD although I think this has more to do with people who suffer from GERD tend to be overweight or obese. I am neither any longer but damage has been done. Perhaps my BMI is “healthy” but in reality, my body fat composition is high and causing these issues. Something to talk about with the Dr. and Dietitian. Perhaps there is someone I can see about creating a plan to lower body fat to aid me in managing GERD.

4.25 fiber4.25 sugar4.25 water

I added a new element to track; water. Not having enough water to compensate for high amounts of fiber have a constipating effect. I never want to experience constipation again so I am tracking my water and my fiber like my life depended on it. It is easy not to overdo sugar when I can’t have pre-made foods.

4.25 weigth

My lowest weight. I do not feel it is my true weight though. I don’t think losing 5 lbs in a two week span is healthy for someone at my height and weight. I am technically within the “normal” bmi range and for me, the extra weight is more so for aesthetic reasons. Perhaps there are still health benefits to be had by dropping this last 15 pounds. Maybe at this lower weight the GERD will not be as bad? I don’t know. I just have to wait and see what the health professionals tell me.


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