Sick Today

…and it sucks. I have actually been sick for three days now. Missed my classes and an appointment I had because I was so terribly nauseous and feeling feverish. Paul and I went grocery shopping for fruits and veggies though to get my diet back on track. He pointed out that our bill was only $50 or so dollars this week when last week it was $70. Pretty much when I am eating a diet of whole foods rich in fruits and veggies, the bill is cheaper as opposed to a diet of dairy and processed foods. I feel it too. Despite doing a pretty decent job on calories last week my weight rose. It started to come back down but I think all the processed, salty foods have been bloating me up. I have also been sorta sick and adjusting to a new schedule as well so my exercise routine is out of wack.

Here are last week’s stats:

4.11 ACT

Rose my goal to 400 calories. Didn’t so so well last week. Probably won’t hit my goals this week either because I don’t know when I will feel better. Better to take it easy though than to go full force and  be sick when I HAVE to be somewhere or DO something.

4.11 CAL

My calories weren’t too bad this week. I am going to be more careful this week about scanning items with my phone and comparing the calorie counts in MyFitnessPal data base as well as eating healthier overall.

4.11 EXER

Exercise was alright this week. Not amazing but not non-existent. This week just depends on how I feel. I might not exercise at all this week. We’ll see though.

4.11 FIBER

I wasn’t trying to hit my fiber goal last week. I didn’t even think about it so I am pleased that when I tallied all the numbers up I did a pretty good job.

4.11 SUGAR

I was surprised about how well of a job I did with sugar too this week. I was keeping an eye on it but there were days when I didn’t really care. I sort of just flew by the seat of my pants and stayed away from foods that were typically sugary. Compensated by eating a lot of salt though.

4.11 WEIGH

Gosh!  I know it isn’t a great leap from 153 to 156 but I hate being on this upper end of normal on the BMI. I am so close to my 136 goal. I am hopeful that this week I will get it back to 153 by the time I post again.


Until next time peeps.



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