Checking In

This is my first week of school and it always feels so busy and nerve wracking. My least favorite thing to do is introduce myself in front of the class. I don’t know why professors insist on doing this. I suppose it fills up time. God forbid we may get out a little early. Note my grouchy tone. This is because I have become addicted to sugar once again and am trying to cut it out. I also have a four hour class tonight that starts at 5:30 and ends after 9 pm. This makes me incredibly unhappy. It’s required though and if not now then I’ll just have to do it at a later date. Here is last week’s stats:



4..4.17 exercise

Upping my exercise again. I do feel better when I exercise and have been getting in the habit of doing it first thing in the morning. This is when I have the most energy and feel my most positive. Gonna keep up with this.

4.4.17 act

Failed to reach “340” three times this week. Despite this I upped my goal to “400” calories. I am done with “340”. Having this “400” goal motivates me even more to get in my exercise in the morning.

4.4.17 cal

This hasn’t been the best week for eating. I have been eating lots of junk. Paul and I went shopping yesterday and I bought food to make meals with to help me get my sugar intake and calorie intake under control.

4.4.17 fiber

My fiber intake was not too bad this past week. Gotta keep aiming for that 25 g goal.

4.4.17 sugar

I have not been doing well with handling my sugar. I am moody, breaking out, easily frustrated, and tired all the time now. This week will be tough but I am going get a handle on this sugar thing again.

4.4.17 weight

As my sugar and calories go up so does my weight. 153.0 lbs is my lowest weight I have been at. Hopefully I can get back down to it quickly this week with eating healthier.


Until Next Time,



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