Up and Down

Last week was technically finals week and although I completed all my finals by Monday, it was still very busy. I was still working on completing paperwork for a background check with a potential volunteer position, had a meeting with a professor, work, condo hunting, etc. Busy busy. I feel like I got back on track this past week with exercise though! This has helped me manage anxiety in a major way.

So here are the stats from last week:


Too many burritos…I’m working on bringing this calorie consumption back down.


I am shocked that I am in the lower range of the 150’s!! I would have never imagined. My goal weight is 136 lbs. I am so close. I have noticed since losing this extra bit of weight and being more active, my tailbone doesn’t hurt as much as it used to. I have been cycling quite a bit this past week and expected my tailbone to hurt but nope…no issues here. So not sure if it’s stretching, walking, or just not sitting for too long of a time. I feel so much more confident at this lower weight than I ever did at my higher weight. I also get places quicker too. It only takes me 10 minutes, sometimes less to walk to my husband’s work from school. Before it would take me over 15 minutes. Lugging around that extra 76 lbs does make a difference.


Finally! Beat this 340 goal six out of seven times. I kept my 340 goal this week around but I think I am ready to graduate to a higher activity goal. Especially because there have been quite a few days when I have beat my goal around noon time.


Exercise…Oh how I love it now. I used to hate being active now I get antsy if Ii haven’t done yoga or spent some time outdoors. I am taking advantage of the cycle we have indoors more so. Especially now that it doesn’t hurt my tailbone so much. I have also been opting for shorter yoga sessions. 30 minute sessions can be nice but sometimes my brain just doesn’t even want to go there. 15 minutes is doable however.


Oh boy…this sugar situation. it has creeped up on me again. This week I was having more mood swings than usual and craving higher calorie foods. Not feeling like cooking healthy. I haven’t really eaten vegetables at all this week…actually. Need to get back up on this horse. I firmly believe that cutting out processed sugars is what has helped me break my 160 lb plateau.


Fiber went pretty well this week. This is because I have been eating burritos with lots of beans. That is the sole reason that my fiber intake has been within my goal range.







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