Up and Down

Last week was technically finals week and although I completed all my finals by Monday, it was still very busy. I was still working on completing paperwork for a background check with a potential volunteer position, had a meeting with a professor, work, condo hunting, etc. Busy busy. I feel like I got back on track this past week with exercise though! This has helped me manage anxiety in a major way.

So here are the stats from last week:


Too many burritos…I’m working on bringing this calorie consumption back down.


I am shocked that I am in the lower range of the 150’s!! I would have never imagined. My goal weight is 136 lbs. I am so close. I have noticed since losing this extra bit of weight and being more active, my tailbone doesn’t hurt as much as it used to. I have been cycling quite a bit this past week and expected my tailbone to hurt but nope…no issues here. So not sure if it’s stretching, walking, or just not sitting for too long of a time. I feel so much more confident at this lower weight than I ever did at my higher weight. I also get places quicker too. It only takes me 10 minutes, sometimes less to walk to my husband’s work from school. Before it would take me over 15 minutes. Lugging around that extra 76 lbs does make a difference.


Finally! Beat this 340 goal six out of seven times. I kept my 340 goal this week around but I think I am ready to graduate to a higher activity goal. Especially because there have been quite a few days when I have beat my goal around noon time.


Exercise…Oh how I love it now. I used to hate being active now I get antsy if Ii haven’t done yoga or spent some time outdoors. I am taking advantage of the cycle we have indoors more so. Especially now that it doesn’t hurt my tailbone so much. I have also been opting for shorter yoga sessions. 30 minute sessions can be nice but sometimes my brain just doesn’t even want to go there. 15 minutes is doable however.


Oh boy…this sugar situation. it has creeped up on me again. This week I was having more mood swings than usual and craving higher calorie foods. Not feeling like cooking healthy. I haven’t really eaten vegetables at all this week…actually. Need to get back up on this horse. I firmly believe that cutting out processed sugars is what has helped me break my 160 lb plateau.


Fiber went pretty well this week. This is because I have been eating burritos with lots of beans. That is the sole reason that my fiber intake has been within my goal range.






Hard Week

I did not keep up with my goals that much at all this week. I did so pretty well with my intake which is the sole reason my weight did not balloon too much. I am getting used to eating smaller portions and now that I have kicked the sugar, I do not have wild cravings. I did not realize how negatively sugar impacted me until I stopped eating it as much. Now I am careful because I don’t want to let myself become re-addicted. Donuts, cakes, and danishes have lost all appeal to me because I know how icky the effects of too much processed sugar are.

This week was rough, I was stressed, depressed, frustrated, anxious, angry. A cocktail of emotions. I didn’t exercise as much as I would have liked to. I was on campus more than usual working on a group project. I had a big paper due by Monday that took up a lot of time. I had an interview (and did well) and dealt with negative emotions such as anxiousness straight to excitement (positive) and then fear. This fear was because I wanted to tell my parents about how happy I was feeling but something held me back. I was scared that they would make me feel bad. Well, I was right. Pretty much the scab was ripped off the festering sore which the toxic relationship between me, a sister, my mother, and my stepfather. So I decided to do what was best for me and move towards cutting off contact. This hurts me because I have felt responsible for their feelings for so long. Always convinced that it was my duty to make sure they are happy and comfortable even when it has been at my expense.

I am at a point in my life though where I have realized that I am nobody’s punching bag and I do not need to spend my energy and time on people who kick people down to raise themselves up. I have positive family members, friends, co-workers, professors, people in my life who do care about my well-being and want me to succeed. I just regret that it took me so long to realize that these people have and always have been working against my interest. I love them and wish them all the best but I cannot be there for them anymore. So it has been hard this week to stay on top of things. I still kept myself at a lower weight and today weighed in at my lowest!

All I can do is get back into my routine and do better than I had the day before. Here are the stats for the past week.



I am still trying to hit 340 consistently.I have noticed my stand goal I have been doing very well so I am more active than usual. I think as we start getting more into spring this  will be an easier goal to manage. Especially since I will be on campus four days out of the week.


Notice how things start to escalate after Wednesday? Yeah, Wednesday is when the blow up with my family occurred. I am also pre-period which always makes me want to eat more. I did fairly well though. As always, goal is to stick between 1300-1600 calories.


Sadness, all around. I would wake up in the morning and not want to exercise. Telling myself I would in the evening. Evening came around…didn’t want to do it. This week seriously, no excuses. This morning, first thing I did yoga and Pilates and plan on getting some type of cardio in before the end of the day. Exercise is good for the body and for my anxiety. I am going to use my spring break to help me get back into the habit of exercising everyday.


Two days within Normal BMI range. I am pleased that my weight has not gone up drastically because of stress and lack of activity. I actually weighed in at my lowest this morning, 154.1 lbs. It’s nice to hear my Wii shout “Normal!” and watch my little Mii jump up and down clapping. Especially since for my entire first year of weight loss I heard it exclaim, “Woah! That’s obese!” It was cute and made me laugh but I also knew that being obese was not healthy for me. I am so proud of myself for taking control of my health.

fiber3.21   Fiber and sugar…they are what they are. I went up in sugar because I was eating a granola bar and ice cream sandwich and realized that was 14 g by itself. Then I have been making a fried egg sandwich for myself in the morning which adds another 6 g and well, you all get the picture. Going to be better with fiber and sugar this coming up week.

sugar3.21Five out of 7 days doing a good job. Not too shabby!



Until next time folks!



I have finally weighed in at a normal BMI!!! I was so excited to hear this. Especially during a very rough week with school and anxiety. I had accidentally ordered my usual at Starbucks and had this terrible sugar/caffeine rush which caused me to feel on edge for four or five days straight. This was also combined with working on a group project for a class, having to get in touch with a professor because I lost track of time and missed a due date for an assignment, and getting an e-mail about scheduling an interview for a volunteer opportunity. On top of all of this, Paul and I are looking at moving into a new apartment in the next few months or so, changes at work (getting a raise (YAY) moving towards a sales culture over a customer service culture (BOO)), my mother-in-law coming to visit, and my mom getting in contact about making plans to visit in the summer.

So much. So much good, some bad. My heart feels like it has been nesting in my throat. My interview is tomorrow and I am thinking too much about it. I have slacked on exercise this week. Not the best decision to make when I am terribly stressed and exercise is a relief for that. It happened though. I have been so busy and not prioritizing it like I should. A goal for this upcoming week is to get back into the habit of yoga in the morning.

So here are last week’s stats.


Goal is to stay between 1300-1600 calories. This week was pretty good. I did eat quite a lot on Thursday. I sorta, kinda, maybe might have eaten my emotions a little that day. I ended up getting a veggie mushroom burger with all the fixings, a sauce cup of macaroni salad, and shared half of Paul’s fries that day for lunch. I don’t know how many calories it was because they did not list the nutrition information at the restaurant but we estimated around 750 calories or so. It is possible that this meal was more than that though cause that burger was HUGE.


My activity has been all over the place lately. My goal is still 340 calories. Until I have managed to meet that amount of activity consistently, there it will stay. This should get easier though with the arrival of spring.


Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, my exercise was down this week. I have been feeling so unmotivated. So stuck. This week though I am going back to exercising in the morning.


That 155.2 is my normal BMI weight. I think it was 24.9. So, right on the cusp BUT IT COUNTS! Our burrito/churro days are getting moved up sooner than usual. I think we had moved it to Sunday instead of Monday last week and this week it was Thursday. I love me my Muchas Gracias vegan burrito though! Now that we’ve gone grocery shopping I should have enough food to eat balanced meals again unlike these past three days when I have been eating rice, soy sauce, and refried beans.

As you can see my Starbucks binge was actually on Tuesday. I did NOT start this past week off right. The massive intake of sugar and caffeine derailed my sense of calm I have developed since getting a handle on my sugar habit. I felt so sick and moody afterwards. My fiber goals were not reached on a couple of days this past week as well. Oh well, when mistakes are made the best thing to do is not give up. That’s what I kept thinking of and even though I made some mistakes this past week, I did do better and plan on doing better this week.


So Close to Normal BMI

This week has gone a lot better than last week. I am finally getting over my sugar addiction. My moods have started to feel more steady and now that I know how sugar has been affecting me I am feeling less and less interested in eating overly sugary products. I do not have much to say this week other than I am feeling so much better. I have had more difficulty getting my active calorie goal in even though my exercise has been upped. The thing is that I am very active on days I am not inside the house and when I do have days home, It’s a bit more challenging. I have also been working hard on all my school work now that we are coming down to only two weeks left in the quarter.

I am still more active then I have ever been though and have done yoga for the past three weeks every single day! Exercising is like weight loss. Better to start off slow and steady and build up endurance and strength than to just rush forward and hurt myself doing too much.

Another accomplishment for this week is that I hit my lowest weight ever. I am very excited about this and so close to being under the overweight category for BMI. I feel confident that in the next two weeks I will be officially in the normal BMI category.

So here are my stats for this week and my goals.

act 4

This week I am sticking to an active calorie goal of 340. Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays are the days I stay on campus or am at work for eight hours straight. Fairly active. The majority of the other days I was able to do vigorous enough exercises to meet this goal (just barely) and of course Sunday I decided to to bother about it. I just did my planned exercises for that day and focused on an important research paper that was due a few days from then. I do not feel discouraged though. I am going to continue my exercises as planned and try to get in at least a ten minute walk everyday to help. I know I will get to a place where this amount of activity will be normal for me.


Since getting my sugar addiction under control it has been less of a struggle to keep within my calorie range. I have also been feeling more satisfied with my food than usual. As always my goal is to stick within the 1300-1600 calorie range.

pie 4

I am killing it in the exercise department. As I said before I have done yoga for three weeks straight at this point. My goals are similar to last week’s. Yoga everyday, some sort of cardio everyday, and continue on my sleek arms challenge.

weight 4

Ah! There is is. Sunday morning 155.9. My baseline for weight is now lower overall than the past two weeks. Of course there is a shot up from Sunday to Monday. That’s because we decided we couldn’t wait for burritos on Monday and got them Sunday evening instead. Anyways, got to go. Busy day ahead of me.